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Secoin Encaustic Cement Tile with the Tradition from 1910

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Secoin Encaustic Cement Tile with the Tradition from 1910

The French were believed to be the first to start encaustic cement tile production around 1850 in Viviers. In early 20th century, the first tile machines made in France were sent to Vietnam and served for the constructions of the French in Indochina. The first encaustic tile factory was built in Saigon

In 1910 by the Brossard et Mopin company. In 1954, the French withdrew from Vietnam. During the period of 1955 to1975, the company was taken over by a Vietnamese businessman and renamed Thanh Danh.

After the Vietnam War ended in 1975, Thanh Danh tiles were transformed into state-owned company and merged with the enterprises to form Thanh Danh Tile State-owned Enterprise. By 1994, the enterprise was renamed as Thanh Danh Decorative Tile Company.

During that period, Thanh Danh was still a famous encaustic cement brand and had the largest scale in Vietnam. However, in the year 1990s, Thanh Danh was weakening. At this point, Secoin - a leading concrete and cement building material manufacturer in Vietnam had reached an agreement with the Ministry of Finance in Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee to take over and recover the production of Thanh Danh.

In 2009, Thanh Danh was officially handed over to Secoin. Not only recovering the factory, Secoin has also expanded the production and increased the capacity up to three times bigger than before. Up to now, Secoin with 6 factories located across North - Central – South of Vietnam have become the world's largest scale encaustic cement tile manufacturer. Secoin’s handmade encaustic cement tiles have been exported to almost 60 countries over 6 continents.


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